analogue photography

Frankfurt by Night 2016 by Philipp Fiehl

Vienna 2016 by Philipp Fiehl

About a month ago, I visited Vienna for the second time.

These are the results.

Hello World! by Philipp Fiehl

It feels good to be back.

Last year almost exactly to this date, i felt the need to abandon my blog KlarNebel. I didn't have any fun posting there anymore and visitors dwindled to almost zero per day.

Also, as i am shooting analogue and developing and scanning normally happens at intervals of around 3 to 6 month, i ran out of interesting things to show.

But now i am back, with my own domain and a pretty damn nice looking site (thanks to SquareSpace). Apart from the Portfolios, i won't be posting stuff already known from my old blog, instead, in the next few weeks, i will talk about my Leica M6, shooting with a disposable camera in Vancouver (and why i had to) and my recent trip to Vienna.

See you on Thursday!